Tipps für Ihren Wanderurlaub

When the snow has melted, the time of the hikers comes in the land of the 1000 mountains. Here is a brief overview of the routes in Küstelberg.

markcolorDirectionsstarting pointPath length
K1whiteThrough the orc valley to ElkeringhausenParking lot church4 km
K2whiteVia the harrow to ElkeringhausenParking lot church4,5 km
K3whiteOver the Höcherkopf to ElkeringhausenParking lot church5 km
K4whiteJürgensköpken circular routeParking lot church7 km
K5whiteAround the Hillekopf over the flying monumentParking lot church7 km
K6whiteHilletal circular routeParking lot church5 km
K7whiteHenkmannskopfrundwegParking lot church3 km
A1whiteTo the Schloßberg summitSchloßberg car park2 km
A2whiteHallebachtal and HenkmannskopfSchloßberg car park8 km
A3whiteNußkampSchloßberg car park6 km
A5whiteCircular walk to the Junge GrimmeSchloßberg car park8 km
A7whiteSchloßbergrundwegSchloßberg car park3 km
A5whiteAround the BöhlWagenschmier hiking car park6 km
A6whiteHiking trail to the Ruhr sourceWagenschmier hiking car park5 km


Maps: Medebach hiking and leisure map, scale: 1: 25000, green series of the SGV, available from the Tourist Information Küstelberg.

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